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paint factory  The Bella Vernici System was developed by a conglomerate of Artists and Concrete Contractors looking to create a system without limitations. Spearheaded by Art Director Rodney Ray, the completed result originally hit the floor running in 2001 on large-scale residential projects demanding more color integrity and design than concrete applicators dreamed possible.

Soon, Art Studios began inquiring about bringing this line to market. After another 18 months of on-the-job testing, the product became available exclusively through these studios. Initially sold under an alternative label, Bella Vernici was formally announced in September of 2004 at the Manhattan Faux Expo. Since then, Dealerships and Distribution lines have opened nationally and become available in such chains as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.
While Concrete Stain has been around for decades, the surface of the Decorative Staining Market has barely been scratched. There are countless applications for ther Overlay and Oxidizer system as any rigid surface can be prepared to accept the cementitious veneer. And, because the look can vary drastically from one technique to another, it is a media that constantly reinvents itself through applicators.

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