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Bonding Primer

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Bonding Primer is designed to go over a properly-
prepped surface as the final medium before the Overlay.
It can rolled, sprayed or brushed on.
It is a very porous medium, so that
moisture may pass through and avoid delamination.

Coverage is approximately 400 sf/gal.
Tough-to-prime surfaces like metal, glass,
porcelain and formica should
first be primed with primers designed for these substrates.
XIM and Zinsser both make excellent products for these scenarios.

It is recommended that Overlay be
applied while Bonding Primer is damp-
especially when coating existing concrete.
Two passes with the Bonding Primer are recommended.
However, more closed surfaces like primed formica, tile,
etc can be coated once prior to proceeding with the Overlay

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Any materials shipped back unopened within 30 days
will be refunded less a 15% restocking fee.
Damaged goods will be replaced immediately.
All claims are filed through Paint Factory offices.

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