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Enforcer Additive

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Enforcer was formulated to work with the Overlay as a means of creating strength and bonding properties without risking over-dilution of the material. Where most Overlay Compounds use water as their medium for the powder mix, Bella Vernici has substituted Enforcer. This allows us several advantages. We are able to re-wet the material as it sets without risking over-dilution. We are able to spritz the surface for a smoother finish as we trowel. We are able to add as much Enforcer as we like to the Overlay as we mix for a self-leveling batch. Enforcer is generally mixed as the lesser of a 1:2 ratio with the Overlay. However, in situations where spraying or rolling are preferred, it can be mixed in far greater dispursements.

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Any materials shipped back unopened within 30 days
will be refunded less a 15% restocking fee.
Damaged goods will be replaced immediately.
All claims are filed through Paint Factory offices.

Half Pail-$84.95
Enforcer 1/2 Skid
$2735.14(5% disc)
Enforcer Full Skid
$5182.38(10% disc.)

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