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July 27th-29th, 2011 Bella Vernici Workshop with Rodney Ray 

The key to staying alive in a tight, competitive market is diversity.
If you can offer something the other guy doesn't have or doesn't
do as well, you will find yourself working while others are still looking.
Additionally, the more types of work you can do - the more you
can expand your scope of work on any project.
Decorative Concrete offers the ability for you to grow your
market and get those bigger contracts by having more to offer the client.
Decorative Concrete projects typically start at $4000.
Is it worth three days to you to learn a new career?

If this is something you think you might want to take advantage of,
The Paint Factory Orlando will be hosting a three-day, all-out, hands-on
Bella Vernici Workshop Wednesday through Friday July 27th-29th, 2011.
This class will cover the application of overlayments and waterbourne
oxidizers and dyes that can be used on counters, showers, walls, floors, bridges and more. Chemistry and chemical knowledge is crucial to understanding concrete stain. Thus, a class taught by the developer of the line gives you access to that information first-hand. Learn the "WHY" of REAL concrete staining. This is not a class on acrylics, paints or any other sort of "synthetic" color system. These materials are used Nationwide in extreme exterior environments enduring the most harsh conditions available. You will leave this class knowing more about concrete and staining than 98% of those practicing this craft in the field.

Class will be taught by master applicator - Rodney Ray.
Rodney's vast experience with Bella Vernici runs
the gamut of application possibilities from installing
well-over a million square feet of these materials.
Fresh off their most recent Utah Federal Bridge Project,
Rodney will explain the durability and eco-friendliness of these
materials and why they've been specified on eight
State Hwy projects in the last two years alone.
As always, Rodney will field questions on spread rates, bidding,
special prep situations, business promotion, maintenance etc.
Class will run from 9am to at least 5pm each day to allow for as much
explanation, demonstration and application as possible.

Cost for this program is set at $1000/student.
All materials, boards and tools are provided.
Class space will be limited, so register today to guarantee your seat!
We look forward to seeing you at the Paint Factory in July for
this opportunity to jump-start this lucrative new aspect for your business.

Paint Factory Orlando will host at:
4105B SW 34th St
Orlando, FL 32811

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