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In keeping with our pledge to bring the best instructors in the fields of decorative painting to Orlando, we have decided to follow the stellar workshop we just completed from Simon Pasini with an equally amazing artist - Dru Blair. This class will enhance the portfolios of not only current airbrush artists, scenics and automotive painters, but it will enhance any decorative painter's trompe l'oeil, mural or canvas work.

Click on any of the Three Listings below for Dru Blair's Classes:

       Sat - Aug 20th, 2011 - Foundations Class
       Mon-Tues - Aug 22-23rd - Texture and Technique
       Wed-Sat - Aug 24-27th - Portrait Class
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  • Click Here for more information on Dru Blair

  • Dru Blair's Foundations Class

    Considered by many in the industry to be one of the best airbrush artists in the business, Dru Blair has a talent virtually unriveled in the area of hyper-realistic art production. His work is often mistaken for photographs due to his precision and skill with details on the most minute level. Fortunately, this is a skill he is willing to share and quite capable of conveying. He will be teaching an all-day, hands-on workshop at The Paint Factory Orlando on August 20th, 2011 that will cover the basics of what it takes to see objects the way he sees them and how to put that vision out via airbrush. This class will be covering multiple aspects necessary to acclimate students with Dru's methods for airbrushing and creating "dead-on" color matches. Tuition is drastically reduced for this workshop to $175 for the day. All materials and tools will be provided. Registration can be handled by clicking the PayPal Button Below...

    Saturday Foundations Class

    Two-Days of Dru Blair's
    Textures and Techniques

    Click for larger image

    Dru Blair will be teaching August 22-23rd, 2011 at The Paint Factory on a variety of textures and techniques he has developed for his airbrush work. This class works in water-based Createx Colors and teaches the majority of the nuances necessary to create the larger pieces shown above as well as Dru's famous portrait pieces. The hands-on workshop will have everything provided and is sponsored by IWATA. Students may enroll online by clicking below or call 866.846.3229
    Students opting to take both this program AND the Saturday Workshop will receive a $100.00 Discount. The combination of these classes will give the best preparation for the following four-day, Portrait Workshop.

    Textures & Techniques
    Two-Day Class Only
    Textures & Techniques
    Foundations Class Combo

    Dru Blair Hyper-Realism

    Portrait Workshop

    Click any picture for larger image

    Dru Blair will be doing a full-on portrait class similar to the portrait paintings shown above from Wednesday through Saturday (August 24-27th, 2011) following his other workshops at the Paint Factory. This culmination of all the skills taught in the other two workshops he's teaching prior will certainly present the crowning-jewel to any airbrushing portfolio you may be either assembling or simply looking to expand the scope of. This class does require the knowledge taught in the previous two workshops (listed above) as it will move at a VERY accelerated rate. Dru is the type of instructor who will spend the entire evening with a class, if that's what it takes to get their work completed. Do not miss this opportunity to work side-by-side with a master of his craft in the heart of Orlando. Attractive Class Discounts are available when combined with either or both of Dru's other two workshops listed. Feel free to call or write with any questions or to register.
    Class Registration Online is Available Below.

    Foundations Class
    & Portraits Class
    Textures & Techniques
    & Portraits Class
    Foundations Class
    Textures & Techniques
    Portraits Class Combo

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