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Vinyl Cote

Vinyl Cote UV Absorber is similar in properties to Vinyl Cote Gloss (see above); but in addition, is specially formulated to provide extra ultraviolet ray protection. It is designed for use as a topcoat where resistance to the effects of exposure to sunlight and weather is a requirement. It helps prevent color degradation by reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, which cause premature fading. It is ideal for use over fluorescent colors to prolong color retention. Can be applied as a protective overcoat on vinyl signs without the problems associated with solvent based ultraviolet absorber topcoats. Can be used wherever a water based, non-yellowing, weather and ultraviolet resistant coating is required. Available in flat, semi gloss or gloss.

Dry Time: @ 70 F; 50% Relative Humidity: Dries to touch - 45 minutes to 1 hour; to handle - 2 1/2 hours; to recoat - 2 1/2 hours. Full cure - 8 hours. Will take longer to dry under colder or more humid conditions.

Application Methods: Brush, roller or spray.

Vinyl Cote UV Absorber-Flat
Vinyl Cote UV Absorber-Satin
Vinyl Cote UV Absorber-Gloss

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