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BreakThrough White & Black

paint factory Break-Through® Paints are second-to-none in the arena of single-package, air-dry, waterborne paints. When new construction deadlines or remodeling out-of-service times are critical, Break-Through® paints can help save the day. Rapid dry and quick hardness development enable surfaces painted with Break-Through® to be put back into service faster than other paints allow. Break-Through is a Waterborne acrylic finish. Hard, durable, chemically resistant coating.
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  • Excellent household chemical resistance
  • Hard as a factory-applied enamel
  • EPA compliant
  • Nonflammable (Class "A" Fire Rated) paint factory
To touch - 30 minutes(70°F, 50% R.H.)
To handle - 1 hour
Recoat - 2 hours
COVERAGE: Up to 400 sq. ft. per gallon

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Satin White Quart

Satin White Gallon

Satin White 5-Gallon

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Gloss White Gallon

Gloss White 5-Gallon

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Satin Black Quart

Satin Black Gallon

Satin Black 5-Gallon

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Gloss Black Gallon

Gloss Black 5-Gallon

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